City of Knowledge Islamic Center


As part of our efforts to complete the nonprofit registration, a new entity by the name of “City of Knowledge Inc” has been created and all previous entities associated with the Islamic center have been dissolved. The center will now conduct business under the name of “City of Knowledge Inc” and will continue to make progress based on the recently unveiled (Jan 18th) organizational structure. Shaikh Noor-ud-din will continue to lead the organization and will play a leading role in the implementation of all planned initiatives. A detailed organizational chart is posted in the center.

We ask all community members to support the progress at “City of Knowledge” through increasing their presence, involvement in projects and financial assistance.

How this affects you at the center is that all donations made via check or electronic payment must reference "City of Knowlege Inc".

City of Knowledge Islamic Center is a Progressive Organization, dedicated to propagating the teachings of the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet and the Holy Ahl-ul-Bait in the promotion of Love, Respect, Tolerance, and Harmony among all Human Beings in general and among all Muslims in particular.

It is the Vision of City of Knowledge Islamic Center that all Muslims with the help of most modern education together with the spiritual awareness of Allah, His prophets and Imams, will strive for and achieve their highest potential. City of Knowledge Islamic Center strives that all Muslim organizations in the Tampa Bay will join hands in helping Muslims achieve potentials.

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